A LONG List of Reasons Why This Episode Wasn’t a Bering and Wells Disappointment

Okay, I know people are mad, and think they’ve been gay baited and spat upon. But - and I admit I am a serious optimist when it comes to things like this. I thrive on the subtext. - I honestly think it was better than all that.

  • For being so adamant about wanting a “normal life,” upon noticing the artifact’s properties, HG’s first reaction is a wide, excited smile about a “curiosity.” This isn’t the face of someone concerned about upsetting her perfect, quaint life. It’s pleasure, because that’s who she really is.
  • Her next thought is to call Myka. Not Artie, not even Mrs. Frederick or the regents, whom I assume she has actually been in contact within the past few months to help set up her Emily Lake identity. This screams “FINALLY, a reason to call Myka!” to me.
  • "Myka and I were just roommates…" - Adelaide already noted that Myka is a cop of some sort, and HG works in forensics. It is not suspicious at all for them to have worked on cases together before, or for them to be working on a case now (which they ARE). It’s more suspicious that she’s lying about it.
  • HG is overly defensive about her life choices to Myka. This scene is super telling, since Myka just keeps making “sure, whatever you say” faces at her, and HG keeps digging a bigger hole. “He’s a solid…”  *stare* “normal” *stare* “… kind man.” *stare* “…Yes, he’s a civilian…” *stare* “…but that’s one of my favorite things about him.” *loooong stare* “I’m trying something a little.. different right now.” *stare*
  • Same scene, but the quiet “and then Adelaide…” line. Obviously she is the main (if not only) reason HG is there. Can we say Christina issues? We can. This is followed quickly with a pleading “Myka, they invited me into their home!” Seriously, HG. Myka has said nothing, you are so defensive it’s hilarious.
  • Oh how easily Myka tempts Helena with “one more amazing adventure.” You sure do love your normal life there, HG.
  • "Rock on, ladies." This one is a bit exploitative, ok I admit it. But the fact that this is HG’s first impulse? Does no one remember Myka is an agent? It’s really not that odd for her to be in the station (at least in the show’s canon), regardless of what the DA thinks.
  • Kitchen scene, Myka calling HG on her bullshit. HG getting angry about it. “This life, it’s not who you ARE.” Ok, so Myka doesn’t mean what we want her to mean, maybe. The real matter here is that HG is a warehouse agent through and through, of course. But also the fact that Myka KNOWS THIS, she’s calling HG out because she’s the person who knows her best (see what I did there?)
  • Myka sees how upset HG is, and feels immediately guilty. She thinks maybe HG does just want to be happy with a quiet life, and Myka was just being selfish thinking otherwise. So she takes it upon herself to fix it. Alone. It’s stupid and reckless, it’s completely un-Mykalike. But it’s passionate. Because that’s what HG makes her. “This is my fault; I dragged her into this.”
  • "No killing! Myka will be super pissed" - I love Pete sometimes. I love that Myka is HG’s moral compass in Pete’s eyes. It’s probably an accurate assessment.
  • THE LAST SCENE. This is the big one. I know much of the weight of this is solely due to Jo and Jaime deciding to go the direction they wanted with the script, but the truth is that so much of what we love about them is Jo and Jaime making it work. Regardless of what they decided, it’s up to the editors what ends up on the final product. This is an active decision on behalf of the show to go in this direction rather than the less emotionally charged versions I’m sure they had. But, anyway. Myka’s barely contained tears, wishing the best for HG even though, in my opinion, she knows HG isn’t happy. She parts with “or save the world… see what happens.” She knows it’s not over.
  • HG’s FACE. I can’t even write what I feel about that face. It’s a lot of feels. She’s. not. happy. with. Nate. She knows it, Myka knows it, we know it. The show knows it. “A nice, normal life” isn’t part of the Warehouse package deal. The Warehouse wants people who want endless wonder, who want to save the world. HG smelled apples, and don’t you forget it.
  • p.s. HG opening the car door for Myka - omg adorable, amirite?
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